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Switzerland - São Tomé and Principe 

Online or Hybrid


We are European Member of FEDE - European Federation for Education 

Authorisation FEDE N. 1524

IBS Official FEDE File:

#IBS-futureducation is an International Private Business School in Switzerland and also inside of the Academia Lookatmepro in the island of São Tome and Principe.

We are engaged in 4.0 Education.

We have the tools, resources, a noble, multicultural and experienced professional faculty, and the staff needed to support our students and their educational needs, whether they're enrolled:

. in one of our Global Online Programs;

. in Geneva or Lausanne, Switzerland (hybrid);

. or in one of the Hybrid Programs or Online in São Tomé and Principe.

. Online (Global)

We have French or Anglo-Saxon EU FEDE Programs available.

All our Programs confer 60 ECTS Credits, according to the Bologna Process.

Our diplomas are recognized by the FEDE EU, through two indisputable conventions: the Bologna Convention for the Common ECTS Credit System and the International Convention of the Hague Apostille of Private International Law, for the recognition of signatures.

See Hague Apostille Process link:

See Bolonha Process link:

It's up to you to choose whether you want to study online (globally), or hybrid (in Switzerland or on the island of São Tomé and Príncipe).

Our Mission

We are changing the structures and barriers of the system. Education must change and adapt to new times and markets. The systems have been a little out of tune and disconnected from reality for some time now, mostly after the Covid19 pandemic. Innovation isn't only about the product level, but also in training a holistic mindset. We understood this very early on and that's why we are very critical and practical.

Our Vision

Deep Learning isn't just about papers and books, theory and business or meetings, it is also the ability to develop a credible project and, for example, being able to create a startup venture, an amazing service or product to find solutions to the problems of people's lives, companies, markets and institutions.

We know that we are right in this very demanding perspective.

We see a huge Future for you and it's so obvious!


Companies need urgently brains that are not formatted but attentive and curious, ambitious, specialized, and this can only be done with an Education turned to reality, with a long-term vision.

We see an excellent futur for you, especially in Europe or in any other parts of the world like for example on the African continent. It has all the conditions for it. And Africa is Global, so there's no doubt about it.


IBS-futureducation - STP aims to be a Global and Pan-African Reference in Education Excellence for the Generation 4.0 in the next 5 years.


Our Values

The market no longer supports formatted academic programs with a short-term vision. This blocks the evolution of the human being.


This is what our International Business School is all about, thinking big and far, but with our feet on the ground, except for redundancy.


It's a challenge and it's exciting. We're engaged on your Futur as a Human-Being, so that you feel happy and fulfilled personally, professionally and socially.


 Just be aware!

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